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Monday Conversation: Brother-in-law team sparks K & B Electric

Written by Gree Bay Press-Gazette
Oct. 21, 2012

Jeff Koeppel co-owns K & B Electric in Suamico with his brother-in-law, Todd Bailey.

H. Marc Larson/Press Gazette

Brother-in-law team sparks K & B Electric

Contractors discuss ups and downs of first year
By Nathan Phelps | Green Bay Press Gazette
Each week the Green Bay Press-Gazette talks with business leaders about their industries, the economy and other business issues .This week, Jeff Koeppel talks about starting K&B Electric with co-owner Todd Bailey during the last year and the vision for the electrical contractors working the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. The business also provides “green” lighting services and work in the transportation and mining sectors.K&B has three employees and has work around Wisconsin.

Q. What does K&B Electric do?

A. We do commercial, residential and industrial work. Right now were focused more on commercial work and the service end.

My goal is to at least double our sales in the next year —and my stretch goal will be to probably triple (sales).

The first year we’re going to meet our goals ... The first six months was trying to get all the systems in place, and now we’re starting to get to the point where we’re focusing on the marketing side.

My goal is to by the end of next year have a crew of six.

Q. How did this business come about?

Jeff Koeppel and Todd Bailey

Title: (Koeppel) Owner/project manager; (Bailey) owner/field Superintendent
• Business name: K&B Electric
• Location: Suamico
• Phone: (920) 655-3676
• Website: www.kbelectriccompany.com
• E-mail: service@kbelectriccompany.com



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