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We'd like to be your Lighting Contractor!

Unlike other electrical contractors our performance initiatives include architectural lighting solutions, energy efficient lighting sales, wholesale lighting, installation and energy retrofit services!  Plus, we can administer energy management audits/surveys for energy savings and desired foot candles; and aid in the completion of energy rebate applications!

Our fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs, light fixtures, and specialty light fixtures allow building and structure owners, and homeowners, to fully design new construction projects and/or upgrade/retrofit their current lighting environment. Our commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and residential lighting services can help you drastically cut energy consumption; while creating big energy cost savings and significant environmental benefits.

We're able to maximize savings opportunities, create investment grade audits, designs, and scopes of work, perform accurate energy calculations, secure rebates, calculate lighting densities required for benefits and manage the installation itself along with material procurement logistics, occupant expectations, satisfaction and commissioning.

New generation lighting products are designed for energy efficient retrofits that offer big energy savings!  Energy efficient lighting solutions offer a compelling return on investment for end users while also benefiting the environment--sustainability is at the core of every decision we make.

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-- Architectural Lighting Solutions:
  Our proven expertise can help drive a positive architectural lighting design and provide the architectural lighting fixtures! Indoor and outdoor architectural lighting for all your creative interior and exterior lighting designs.
-- Indoor Lighting Applications:

Industrial lighting fixtures provide even and functional illumination to large spaces like workshops, factories and warehouses.  These industrial buildings are characterized by high ceilings and large open floor plans, often referred to as “hi-bays” and “lo-bays.”  Our comprehensive lighting solutions for industrial spaces provide high quality illumination at a fraction of the operating cost of traditional lighting technologies, along with the ability to utilize automated controls.

With commercial lighting fixtures and retail lighting fixtures aesthetics and lighting quality become primary concerns.  Both retail customers and office workers depend on high-quality attractive lighting which provides consistent and stable light levels and color rendering.  Our office fixtures and retail fixtures offer attractive aesthetics along with impressive energy efficiency.  Because our light fixtures are completely customizable, they can be adapted to many lighting design requirements.

Plus, we have specialty fixtures designed for refrigerated environments, damp locations, stairwells, loading docks and other applications where a specialized approach offers improved functionality and greater savings.  You get durability, combined with energy efficiency.

-- Outdoor Lighting Applications:

Outdoor fixtures provide energy efficient illumination to parking lots, sidewalks, building exteriors, landscapes, long driveways, parks and other areas where nighttime illumination can increase both safety and usability.

Outdoor luminaires are designed to meet the durability requirements of demanding environments while incorporating a level of energy efficiency and lighting quality that can’t be matched by other technologies.

-- Lighting Conversions:
  Convert standard magnetic ballast systems into energy efficient fluorescent systems, unattractive legacy fluorescent systems into aesthetically pleasing systems, overly-harsh direct lighting into attractive indirect lighting and much more. They are often the most cost effective way to convert existing facilities to energy efficient lighting.
-- Safety:

Installing proper commercial lighting and industrial lighting indoors often measurably reduces accidents and increases overall employee health. Beyond avoiding the obvious hazards of dangerous machinery and structures, proper lighting can reduce eye-strain related problems. A Cornell University study found that lighting related eyestrain causes an average productivity loss equal to an entire week of paid vacation per employee per year.

Outdoor lighting helps to reduce accidents as well as helping other security measures to be more effective. Good outdoor lighting will make security cameras operate more effectively and make it easier for law officers and security guards to see what’s going on.

-- Aesthetics:

In the same way that a harsh buzzing light fixture can make a room feel miserable, good, aesthetically pleasing lighting can make an otherwise normal room spectacular. A study by the nonprofit Light Right Consortium found strong links between high quality lighting and worker satisfaction.

The same is true for customers in a retail environment. Customers who are attracted to a store’s interior will be more likely to spend time in that store, and therefore more likely to spend more money; as much as 30% more in same store sales have been realized within retail environments.

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Drastically reduce the energy usage in YOUR environment and create compelling paybacks! Interested?
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 -- LED Lighting

Next generation, reduced heat, LED technology--ultra energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures combine the latest advances in lighting technology.  Perfect for cutting edge commercial, industrial facilities and high-end residential, our LED fixtures bring you the future, now!
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-- Fluorescent

Energy efficient fluorescent linear lighting options for offices and retail spaces, stairwells and hallways, and more--anywhere that needs quality appearance and energy savings.
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